Sponsorships for elm-conf US 2017 are still available. Download the full prospectus for more details, or contact the organizing team.

Branch Sponsors

Oasis Digital is a custom software development firm in St. Louis, MO. We create high quality software and solve hard problems, to help our customers thrive.

NoRedInk has the largest commercial Elm codebase in the world, and has hired Elm creator, Evan Czaplicki, to develop the language full-time. We spend almost all of our front-end coding time writing Elm. Our software helps English teachers, and their students answer millions of questions per day on our site. About half of our 20-person engineering team works remotely from around the world, and the other half is in our San Francisco office. We’re hiring for front-end, back-end, and ops. No prior Elm experience necessary!

thoughtbot is one of the leading design and development companies in the world. Our extensive experience in building successful products, and design and development best-practices makes thoughtbot an ideal partner in launching your next product or improving your existing product and team.

Production Sponsors

We make Live, Push and Link. With these products, a diverse community of artists creates amazing things. We are based in Berlin and our company is run by its founders. Many of us are musicians, producers and DJs.

We are very enthusiastic about Elm and used it for all of the interactive interfaces on this site for learning music fundamentals: learningmusic.ableton.com.

Futurice is a new breed of innovation consultancy with digital values at its core. We inject life into digital – all with a focus on user experience and interaction. We believe in happy people, happy customers and happy users.

Media Sponsors

Manning is an independent publisher of computer books for software developers, engineers, architects, system administrators, managers and all who are professionally involved with the computer business. The books we publish cover a huge range of topics that the modern developer needs; from languages and frameworks, to best practices for team leaders.