Speakers Announced

We’re pleased to announce the 2017 elm-conf speaker lineup. It’s a wonderful mix of veteran and new speakers across a wide variety of topics. Our full speaker lineup and full schedule can be found on the talks page, or you can add our calendar to your schedule for the most up-to-date information as we get closer to September 28.

We will be recording all the talks and making them available online thanks to our kind sponsors at Ableton. Thanks to Futurice we will have live captioning at the venue on the day of the conference. A huge thank you to both sponsors for helping us make elm-conf more accessible to everyone!

Registration for elm-conf opens Thursday, June 8 at 10AM Central Time. You will buy a ticket through Strange Loop’s registration, but it is not necessary to attend Strange Loop to attend elm-conf. If you do want to attend both events be prepared to buy tickets quickly as Strange Loop usually sells out in under an hour.

See you soon!

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Call For Proposals Open Through May 12

The 2017 elm-conf US Call for Proposals is now open! This is when you can submit a talk for inclusion in the conference. Submit your talks at

Here’s how this is going to go down:

Proposals will be evaluated anonymously by a small panel. We won’t see names or bios until later in the process. First time speakers, here’s your chance to shine. Seasoned veterans: bring your A-game.

We expect to have a fair number of submissions, and we only have a limited number of spots (elm-conf US is a single track conference so nobody misses a thing.) Please don’t let this keep you from applying! Last year we were able to get a great mix of veteran speakers and new voices on our stage, and we hope to repeat that this year.

Accepted speakers will receive, in addition to their speaking slot, tickets to elm-conf and Strange Loop, lodging, and travel booking. If you are coming from within the continental United States, we’ll be able to cover your travel totally. Otherwise, we will provide you a stipend of $550 for your flights.

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Call For Proposals Opens April 10, 2017

The elm-conf call for proposals (CFP) period opens April 10, 2017. This is when you can submit a talk for inclusion in the conference. Submissions will be evaluated blindly by a small panel. Accepted speakers will get a ticket to the conference, lodging, and travel assistance.

If it’s your first time proposing a talk, don’t worry! We’ll provide a round of feedback for all talks submitted before the last week of the CFP period.

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